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B i o g r a p h y

What can be said about Scott Murawski that hasn't already been at least insinuated?  Just trying to come up with anything relevant at all to say is just such a consuming experience.  I mean, here he is, writing about himself in the third person trying to sell himself to people who probably stumbled onto his page by mistake.  What more can be said?

​He should probably say something important here because the font is larger and in a different color but nothing comes to mind that warrants this bold text style!​

You could say that Scott can play the guitar and his singing is getting better and it's somewhat entertaining to watch because, well, I mean it must be since people keep showing up to see it.  He's a sharp dresser and he's finally losing that gut!

Scott is respected and loved by some of the best bass players on the planet, like Mike Gordon, Oteil Burbridge, and Beau Sasser's left hand.  There are even a couple drummers who like to play with him, and I'm not talking drummers who will take any gig that pays more than 50 bucks and whittle their own sticks that they carry around in a Wegman's bag.  Nosiree!  Most of them are named "Bill" and can easily direct you to the best Asian noodle restaurant in whatever town they have a gig in!


This is the part of the bio where you are beginning to lose interest; where it seems that any information this far into it has to be trivial and mundane, but oh no, not on this website because this is where a very secret and coveted piece of information is going to be revealed!  This is where we announce the next mind blowingly intense project that Scott is about to undertake.  It's edgy and unprecedented.  It's ground breaking and somewhat narcissistic.  It's.... wait, why is there a SNOWMAN over there?


Original artwork by Mallory Mordaunt

Used without permission

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